Paternity Action

If you are unwed and want to establish paternity and/or other related relief such as time sharing; you may chose to file a petition to determine paternity and other related relief.


Establishing Child Support

In instances where child support is not formally established between parents


Modification of Child Support

If you have an existing child support order in place, but need to modify for any reason


Parenting Plan

In some instances, a parent or parents may need to establish a parenting plan


Answer to Complaint (Child Support)

If you’ve been served a petition for child support, you may choose to respond/answer


Florida Family Adoption

Florida Family Adoptions are permanent, and involve the termination of Parental rights, as well as obligations.


Temporary Custody

A non-permanent alternative is Temporary or Concurrent Custody by an extended family member.


Quitclaim Deed

Have a change in circumstances and need to add or remove a spouse, child, or family member from/to your real estate title?