Florida Statutes, Chapter 943 details the rules for Sealing or Expunging a record. The Sealing of a record means that it is no longer a part of Public Records. It will not show up in background checks. Only Government entities will have access to this information. Expunging a record is less common. A Government entity conducting a background check is alerted to the fact that a record has been expunged, but will not be privy to any details about it. There’s a 5 to 8 year waiting period for eligibility, depending on the crime charged.
Pursuit of Seal/Expunge is only available for people who were charged with a crime, but not convicted. A plea of No Contest is the equivalent of a conviction. The best candidates for this program are those who had their case dismissed, not prosecuted, or had adjudication withheld.

$300. *This does NOT include court filing fees.